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Postgres image for the raspberry pi
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Nearly a vanilla postgresql install, except the postgres user has a password and it is listening on all incoming addresses for all users with the md5 auth method (great for jdbc etc.)

By default, the password is postgres. You can override this by setting an environment variable during the docker run command.

Unlike library/postgres there is no mounted volume. That is because the database has already been initialized as part of the docker build and not as an entrypoint. While this prevents the database being persisent between docker runs, it keeps the startup fast. I chose this because I will probably never use a dockerized postgresql database in production!



##Default Postgres Login

user: postgres
password: postgres

##Example invocation: Specify the port bindings

docker run -d -p 5432:5432 -e "POSTGRES_PASSWORD=mypassword" randyp/rpi-postgresql

##Example invocation: Get random port and print the binding

CONTAINER=docker run -d -P -e "POSTGRES_PASSWORD=mypassword" randyp/rpi-postgresql
docker port ${CONTAINER}
Docker Pull Command

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