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TICK-docker image.
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TICK Stack

This image provides the complete InfluxData TICK stack i.e Telegraf, InfluxDB, Chronograf and Kapacitor. To know more about the individual components see this

Individual processes are started as a supervisor process group. InfluxDB and Chronograf are started by the Supervisord Daemon supervisord. However, process group influxdblistener is responsible for starting Telegraf and Kapacitor. This is as both Telegraf and Chronograf require InfluxDB to be running and listening for signals.

Supervisor Docs

Using this image

Start the image as follows

docker run --net=host tickstack

####Check that InfluxDB works:

Access the web inteface. http://localhost:8083/

#####The influx client

Exec into a running docker container

docker exec -it $(docker ps | grep tickstack | awk '{print $1}') bash

Start the client using the command influx

####Check that Telegraf works

By default, the Telegraf creates a telegraf database. Check that InfluxDB has such a database in addition to the _internal database.

####Check that Chronograf works

Chronograf runs on port 10000 by default. http://localhost:10000

####Check Kapacitor works

Exec into a running docker container

docker exec -it $(docker ps | grep tickstack | awk '{print $1}') bash

Follow the steps mentioned here. Telegraf uses telegraf database instead of kapacitor_example

The above steps use the default configs for each of the components. Use component specific environment variables to point to custom configs. Following are the ENV vars with their default values

  • INFLUXDB_CONFIG /etc/influxdb/influxdb.conf
  • TELEGRAF_CONFIG /etc/telegraf/telegraf.conf
  • CHRONOGRAF_CONFIG /opt/chronograf/config.toml
  • KAPACITOR_CONFIG /etc/kapacitor/kapacitor.conf

Example: Using a custom config for Telegraf

docker run -v ~/path/on/host/:/root/ --env TELEGRAF_CONFIG=/root/telegraf.conf --net=host tickstack


The stdout and stderr logs for each of the components is at /var/log/supervisor/

Supported Docker versions

This image is officially supported on Docker version 1.10.1

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