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sorting pcaps for fun and profit
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Or in short: sortcap

Problem Statement

Medium to large sized PCAPs are tricky to "access" in the sense that all tools will go over the whole file to show details about a certain connection / ip.


We just sort the pcap's packets, ordered by the "connection tuple" (src, sport, dst, dport, proto). This way you can remember the offset of the first packet for one of the tuples, and then efficiently extract all related packets. The connection information can then be indexed somehow so one can search for an ip / port to get the respective offsets.


./sortcap -i <input_pcap> -o <output_pcap>

Or with the Docker image:

docker run --rm --net=none -v $PWD:/pcap r7labs/sortcap -i input.pcap -o output.pcap

If you have a pcapng or pcapng.gz etc, you need to preprocess with mergecap

docker run --rm --net=none -v $PWD:/pcap --entrypoint mergecap r7labs/sortcap -F pcap -w output.pcap input.pcapng.gz

Future work

  • Support pcapng / gzipped natively
  • Other indexing options (see --index)
  • Other protocol types?
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