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Automated build for dockerized spring boot service 1
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Dockerized Spring Boot Service 1

To start the application using IntelliJ (without maven or docker)

Run using IntelliJ


To run application using Maven (without docker)

$ mvn package && java -jar target/spring-boot-service-1-0.0.1-SNAPSHOT.jar

To start docker

From Applications or Launch Pad -> Docker QuickStart Terminal

To build using docker spotify plugin (in the same terminal which is running docker successfully)

$ docker build -t raseshdesai/spring-boot-service-1 .

To run as a docker container following building your image

$ docker run -d -p 8085:8080 -t raseshdesai/spring-boot-service-1


$ docker run -i -p 8085:8080 -t raseshdesai/spring-boot-service-1

(-d: run as a daemon and you can use logs/top/inspect to look further, -t: allocate a pseudo terminal, -i: 
interactive, which seems default)



(docker-host-ip is ip address of virtual box and is printed initially when docker starts or you can also at anytime 
run $ docker-machine ip)


(you can run this as far as you're port forwarding from virtual box to your localhost, Virtual Box -> Settings ->
 Network -> Port Forwarding: Add a new port forwarding rule with {host port: 8090, guest port 8085})

Other useful commands

$ docker images (shows all downloaded/built images)
$ docker ps (shows only running containers)
$ docker ps -a (shows all containers, even exited ones)
$ docker logs <container-id> (container-id obtained from ps command, shows logs)
$ docker top <container-id> (container-id obtained from ps command, shows processes running within this container)
$ docker inspect <container-id> (container-id obtained from ps command, shows all container config as json)
$ docker stop <container-id>
$ docker rm -f <container-id> (remove container, -f: force and you can remove without stopping)
$ docker rmi <image-name> (removes image)

To push to your docker hub

$ docker login
$ docker push raseshdesai/spring-boot-service-1

Automated Docker Build

(triggered on commit to this github repo, with which you might not even need to build locally, just pull once ready)

Docker Pull Command