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Zookeeper Container

This container runs a stock zookeeper 3.6 instance.

It leverages confd to populate the config files. Given the way Zookeeper
To use the container it is initialized via like so:

 docker run -d --net=host --name=zookeeper \
 -e SERVICES_ZOOKEEPER_HOST_1='{"Id": "1", "Ip": "<ip>"}' \
 -e SERVICES_ZOOKEEPER_HOST_2='{"Id": "<n>", "Ip": "<ip>"}' \

The container will setup ports on 2181,2888,3888 on the host.

Each node in the zookeeper cluster will need an entry, and the ID/IP pairs must be the same for all hosts.

The network = host so that ZK can bind to the instances IP.


For bugs, questions, comments, corrections, suggestions, etc., open an issue in
rancher/rancher with a title starting with [zookeeper].

Or just click here to create a new issue.

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