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CentOS 7 image for 2016 Hack Day - has systemd, sshd, httpd, php and nagios installed and enabled
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No Dockerfile for this one yet....

Run container in a CentOS 7 host with:

$ docker run -ti -d -P --privileged --name test_nagios -v /sys/fs/cgroup:/sys/fs/cgroup:ro -v /tmp/$(mktemp -d):/run ravik694/c7-systemd-sshd-httpd-nagios

Locate the container's IP address with:

$ docker inspect test_nagios | grep '"IPAddress":'

Connect to the container with SSH from the host (the root password is set to a default of 'toor' and should be changed:

$ ssh root@<ip_address>
[root@4b162f189534 ~]# passwd

Access the nagios app with a browser window to http://<ip_address>/nagios - the username is nagiosadmin and the password is nagios.

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