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String search and replace utility for Git
Full Description

git search replace push

This Dockerfile builds an image that will clone a git repo, search and replace string values provided via environment variables for specific file patterns, commit and push back the changes.


docker run -ti -e BRANCH_NUMBER=13 -e GIT_REPOSITORY_URL= -e FROM="<modelVersion>4.0.0</modelVersion>" -e TO="<modelVersion>4.0.1</modelVersion>" -e GIT_USER_NAME=rawlingsj -e -e GIT_PASSWORD=mygitpassword -e FILE_PATTERN=pom.xml rawlingsj/git-search-replace-push

Configuration Variables

  • FILE_PATTERN - file pattern used to apply the search on
  • FROM - search text
  • TO - replace text
  • GIT_REPOSITORY_URL - repository to clone and commit back to
  • GIT_USER_NAME - git username
  • GIT_USER_EMAIL - git email address
  • GIT_PASSWORD - git password note: password is stored as clear text inside the docker image
  • BRANCH_NUMBER - a unique number in the scope of your git repository that will be appended to and form the branch name 'release$BRANCH_NUMBER'. Typical values could be a version or build number.


export $FILE_PATTERN=pom.xml
export $FROM="<myversion>1.0.0</myversion>"
export $TO="<myversion>2.0.0</myversion>"

export $GIT_USER_NAME=joe
export $
export $GIT_PASSWORD=myp4ssword!

export $BRANCH_NUMBER=1.0.1
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