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Base image to expose tools. It's based in alpine-tools, adding confd and monit scripts to image.
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A base image to expose tools to services. It's based in rawmind/alpine-tools, adding rancher-template and monit scripts to the image.


docker build -t rancher-tools/rancher-tools:<version> .

Tools volume

This images creates a volume /opt/tools and permits share tools with the services, avoiding coupling service with configuration.

That volume has the following structure:

|- /opt/tools
|-|- confd     # Confd directory
|-|-|- etc
|-|-|-|- templates
|-|-|-|- conf.d
|-|- rancher-metadata  # rancher metadata directory
|-|-|- etc
|-|-|- tmpl
|-|-|- bin/ ## Rancher-metadata script to start stop or restart 
|-|- monit/conf.d/monit-rancher-template.cfg      # Rancher-metadata start script for monit



To use this image include FROM rawmind/rancher-tools at the top of your Dockerfile, add templates and conf.d files from your service.

Starting from rawmind/rancher-tools provides you with the ability to easily get dinamic configuration using rancher-template by default or confd. Rancher-template will also keep running getting for config changes at near real time, restarting your service if needed.

This image has to be started once as a sidekick of your service (based in alpine-monit), exporting a /opt/tools volume to it. It adds monit conf.d to start rancher-template with a default parameters, that you can overwrite with environment variables.

Default parameters

Default parameters to run rancher-template at repo. You could overwrite these values, setting environment variables.

  • CONF_NAME=rancher-template
  • CONF_HOME=${CONF_HOME:-"/opt/tools/rancher-template"}
  • CONF_BIN=${CONF_BIN:-"${CONF_HOME}/rancher-template"}


An example of using this image can be found in the rawmind/rancher-traefik.

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