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The website for the Math Ninja app
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This repo contains the source for It forms the basis of the math-ninja container, deployed via the rw-platform.


To spin up a local instance:

$ docker-compose up

This will build as required, and then instantiate the stack. If this isn't the first time you've run it, and you need to rebuild any containers (e.g. the app container):

$ docker-compose build web


Deployment is via razebot:

razebot deploy math-ninja to <NAME_OF_STAGE>

where NAME_OF_STAGE is either staging or platform.

Staging Environment

Whenever a PR is merged to development, DockerHub builds the 4 requisite images, and tags them with staging. Once these images are built, you can deploy to staging as per the instructions above.

The site will be available at

NOTE: If you are unable to connect to this site, check that you've added your IP address to razenet with razebot razenet list.

Production Environment

To create and deploy a new version of math ninja to production:

  1. Create a PR from development to master. This will include all the changes you want to release.
  2. Merge the PR.
  3. Create a new GitHub release. It needs a name of the form v1.2.3, with the appropriate numbering.
  4. DockerHub will then build the container for you.
  5. Update the versions file in the rw-platform directory of the services repo to reflect this new version number. Push this change to GitHub.
  6. Once the images have built, ask razebot to deploy it for you:

    razebot deploy math-ninja to platform

Large Files

Should you need to deploy large files, please use the CDN: This is backed by the S3 bucket in AWS.

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