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NEM lightwallet running in docker
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NEM NanoWallet docker configuration

This git repository helps you to build the NEM NanoWallet in a docker container.
You can then decide to copy the result of the build to your host, or access the
NanoWallet in the docker container over http.

You can build the image yourself, or use the image published on DockerHub.
the difference is that when you build the image yourself, you will always build the
latest version of the NanoWallet available on Github. When you use the image
from DockerHub, you will get the wallet that was latest at the time DockerHub
built the image.

Building the image yourself

Accessing the wallet on the host filesystem

Build the image and copy the nanowallet to the host:

docker build -t nanowallet .
docker run --rm nanowallet tar -c -C /NanoWallet build | tar x
echo "open file://$PWD/build/start.html in your browser"

The NanoWallet is copied to the build directory, which you can access in your browser.

This is also automated with the script


giving the same results.
The script also handles automatically updating to the latest version available on github.

Using the image from DockerHub

Accessing the wallet on the host filesystem

docker run -it --name nanobuild rb2nem/lightwallet build
docker cp nanobuild:/NanoWallet/build ./
docker rm nanobuild
echo "open file://$PWD/build/start.html in your browser"
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