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This set of docker containers can be used to run Icinga2 -
The existing docker setups put several processes (like icinga2, icingaweb2, sometimes mysql) into one single container.
I split these roles into several containers for better (re-)usability. It also makes it possible to run multiple icinga2 nodes + one single icingaweb2 interface.

The Icingaweb2 container also contains the director module -

Please note that this setup and director are in alpha state, don't use for production.


Basic Usage

docker run --name my-mariadb -e MYSQL_ROOT_PASSWORD=my-secret -d mariadb
docker run --name my-icinga2 -h icinga2 --link my-mariadb:mysql --restart=always -d rbicker/icinga2
docker run --name my-icingaweb2 -h icingaweb2 -v icinga2-config:/etc/icinga2 -v icinga2-lib:/var/lib/icinga2 --link my-mariadb:mysql --link my-icinga2:icinga2 -p 8080:80 -d rbicker/icingaweb2

Browse to http://localhost:8080 and log in using admin / admin

Environment variables


MYSQL_ICINGA_DB icinga2 - name of the icinga2 database
MYSQL_ICINGA_USER icinga2 - icinga2 database user
MYSQL_ICINGA_PASSWORD icinga2 - icinga2 database password
API_USER api - api user (used by icingaweb2 -> director)
API_PASSWORD api - api password


MYSQL_ICINGAWEB_DB icingaweb2 - name of the icingaweb2 database
MYSQL_ICINGAWEB_USER icingaweb2 - icingaweb2 database user
MYSQL_ICINGAWEB_PASSWORD icingaweb2 - icingaweb2 database password

MYSQL_DIRECTOR_DB director - name of the director database
MYSQL_DIRECTOR_USER director - name of the director database user
MYSQL_DIRECTOR_PASSWORD director - director database user password

ADMIN_USER admin - icingaweb2 frontend username
ADMIN_PASSWORD admin - icingaweb2 frontend password


The goal is to create a production ready set of docker containers for icinga2, icingaweb2, director plugin.

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