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RabbitMQ v 3.7.5 (SSL, Shovel, Federation, Clustering) & access to rabbitmq.config on Erlang 20.3
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I created this project because the other RabbitMQ Docker containers (at the time I started this) didn't have any fine grained control or the ability to add plugins, and adjust the configuration away from default.

I have populated the variables with defaults values, some I left alone, whereas on others I have altered based on bias, and due to figuring out on my own experimentation, and reading several blogs/articles etc. on the subject.

Please see the wiki for details and sample installations

RabbitMQ v 3.7.5 and Erlang-NOX 20.3


  • SSL
  • Shovel
  • Federation

Basic Usage

docker run -d -it \
    --hostname=bunny.hop  \
    --name=rabbit  \
    -p 5672:5672 -p 15672:15672 -p 5671:5671 \
    -e SSL="false" \

Notes about SSL

I used the SSL Cert creation from

Please remember to mount to your own volumes with your own keys the ones I'm using are dummy self signed I suggest make a docker volume to store your certificates

docker volume create --name my-cert-volume
docker run -v my-cert-volume:/server --name cert-container ubuntu /bin/true
docker cp certs/* cert-container:/server/
docker volume inspect my-cert-volume | grep Mountpoint
# from the information found in the above -- most likely similar
sudo ls /var/lib/docker/volumes/my-cert-volume/_data/

Start run/create an instance

docker run -d -it \
   --volumes-from cert-container:ro \
   --hostname=bunny.hop  \
   --name=rabbit  \
   -p 5672:5672 -p 15672:15672 -p 5671:5671 \
   -e SSL="true"\


See the Wiki for more advanced details.

git clone my-rabbitmq
cd my-rabbitmq
git branch my-secrets-branch
git checkout my-secrets-branch
cp ../my-cacert.pem testca/cacert.pem
cp ../my-server-cert.pem server/cert.pem
cp ../my-server-key.pem server/key.pem
docker build -t my-rabbitmq:0 -t my-rabbitmq .

Usage with a Cluster

pull the docker-compose.yml file, and run:<br>
docker-compose up

See the Wiki Clustering

Common Gotchas

SSL=0 should be SSL="false" SSL=1 should be SSL="true"

Cert directory structure:<br>

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Ramon Brooker

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