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Ubuntu ImageMagick ZBar for PDF to Barcode (via Flask)
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Docker template based upon Ubuntu with ImageMagick, ZBar,
and Flask.

docker pull rcfuller/magickbar

In its current state, I have built a system to take a PDF
file as input, convert each PDF page to a JPG file, process
each JPG file through ZBar, and then remove the image files.
Output from the ZBar function is appended to a list, which is
returned to the user.

I have implemented a very basic file upload HTML page and
a crude method to accept PDF files via HTTP POST. Revisions
in the near future will mostly be focused on error-handling.
Included is a simple client-side upload script.

On the server side, I would like to export the data to a SQL
database. However, I may write this as a client-side function
based on my project requirements (may need to add metadata
to the SQL database that isn't required for file processing).


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