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Transmission docker container

What is Transmission?

Transmission is a BitTorrent client which features a simple interface on top of
a cross-platform back-end.

How to use this image

This Transmission container was built to automatically download a level1 host
filter (can be used with rdev02/openvpn).

Hosting a Transmission instance

sudo docker run --name transmission -p 9091:9091 -d rdev02/transmission

OR set local storage:

sudo docker run --name transmission -p 9091:9091 \
            -v /path/to/directory:/var/lib/transmission-daemon/downloads \
            -d rdev02/transmission


sudo docker run -it --rm rdev02/transmission -h

Usage: [-opt] [command]
Options (fields in '[]' are optional, '<>' are required):
    -h          This help
    -t ""       Configure timezone
                possible arg: "[timezone]" - zoneinfo timezone for container

The 'command' (if provided and valid) will be run instead of transmission

ENVIROMENT VARIABLES (only available with docker run)

  • TRUSER - Set the username for transmission auth (default 'admin')
  • TRPASSWD - Set the password for transmission auth (default 'admin')
  • TIMEZONE - As above, set a zoneinfo timezone, IE EST5EDT


Any of the commands can be run at creation with docker run or later with
docker exec (as of version 1.3 of docker).

sudo docker run --name transmission -d rdev02/transmission -t EST5EDT

Will get you the same settings as

sudo docker run --name transmission -p 9091:9091 -d rdev02/transmission
sudo docker exec transmission -T EST5EDT \
            ls -AlF /etc/localtime
sudo docker restart transmission
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