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IBM Bluemix CLI
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Bluemix container CLI

An image with IBM bluemix cf command line tools installed. It includes container plugins and is based on the official DIND image.

New Stuff

Added CLI to support IBM Kubernetes Cluster

Basic Usage:

docker run --name bluemix -d --privileged reachlin/bluemix
docker exec bluemix cf login -u "your email" -p "your password" -o "orgnization" -s "space" -a
docker exec bluemix cf ic init
docker exec bluemix cf ic images

k8s Usage:

docker run --name bluemix -d --privileged -p 8088:8081 reachlin/bluemix
docker exec -it bluemix bash
>bx login
>bx cs init
>bx cs clusters
>bx cs cluster-config <cluster>
>export KUBECONFIG=...yml
>kubectl get nodes
>kubectl proxy --accept-hosts='.*' --address=''

You should be able to open k8s console on your host port 8088 now.

Advanced Usage:

Use docker on your host to push and pull images. This image includes docker client, by mounting the container on the host's docker socket,
you can run docker in the container. Please google DIND for more details.

docker run --name bluemix -d --privileged -v /var/run/docker.sock:/var/run/docker.sock reachlin/bluemix
docker exec bluemix docker images

Last updated 04/21/2017, upgrade os, docker, kubectl

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6 months ago

k8s supported

a year ago

Thanks rechlin, great docker, very useful for some environments with limited rights

a year ago

updated IBM-Containers 0.8.897 ic IBM Containers plug-in