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Dockerized Shadowsocks Server base on Docker alpine image.
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Dockerized Shadowsocks Server base on Docker Alpine Linux image. The image is only about 19 MB to download.

Get Started

Start to use dockerized Shadowsocks Server with just one line:

docker run -d -p 8388:8388 realpaul/docker-shadowsocks -p 8388 -k password -m aes-256-cfb --fast-open --workers 10

Shadowsocks Server Command Line Options

Proxy options:
  -c CONFIG              path to config file
  -s SERVER_ADDR         server address, default:
  -p SERVER_PORT         server port, default: 8388
  -k PASSWORD            password
  -m METHOD              encryption method, default: aes-256-cfb
  -t TIMEOUT             timeout in seconds, default: 300
  --fast-open            use TCP_FASTOPEN, requires Linux 3.7+
  --workers WORKERS      number of workers, available on Unix/Linux
  --forbidden-ip IPLIST  comma seperated IP list forbidden to connect
  --manager-address ADDR optional server manager UDP address, see wiki

General options:
  -h, --help             show this help message and exit
  -d start/stop/restart  daemon mode
  --pid-file PID_FILE    pid file for daemon mode
  --log-file LOG_FILE    log file for daemon mode
  --user USER            username to run as
  -v, -vv                verbose mode
  -q, -qq                quiet mode, only show warnings/errors
  --version              show version information
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