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Django image with GIS support, nGINX and uWSGI
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This image provides an environment suitable for running Django 1.9.2 with the geodjango extensions under
nginx and uWSGI.

It requires a bit of config to get working - you need to add a uWSGI config to the /etc/uwsgi/vassals
directory and also an nGINX site config to /etc/nginx/sites-enabled. You probably want to do this
either as part of your application launch script or as part of your custom image.

An example Dockerfile might look like:

FROM realworld/geodjango

COPY uwsgi-config.ini /etc/uwsgi/vassals/uwsgi-config.ini
COPY mysite.conf /etc/nginx/sites-enabled/mysite.conf
VOLUME /usr/src/app

CMD /usr/bin/

You may also want to use runserver while testing, rather than uWSGI and nGINX.

While you could run a local postgres-gis server by installign the additional packages,
you probably will be using an external postgis server, possibly from another image such as

The uWSGI docs are invaluable for working out how to make this work. Have a look at

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