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nodejs with rabat sample app
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image can also be used as base for an app image: just put the an application spec object in or app.js ... for an app with default settings (port from env PORT, default plugins, etc)

OR put the entire code to execute (including rabat.application(...).listen(...) ) in index.js

if no app is specified either way, a default one is packages includes the following

  • /?name=reda (or your name or anything including nothing)
  • /data a generic ~rest~ data access api (in memory):
    • /data/tablename/id (accesses record with given id (number)
    • /data/tablename/add?var=val&v2=val (creates a record on next available id)
    • /data/tablename/remove/id (removes given id)
  • /coffee (not a coffee pot)
  • /anything-else (404)
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