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Compiled OpenTTD in a container. Pure, plain, and simple.
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OpenTTD in Docker

An image brought to you by /r/openttd

Built from OpenTTD source to provide the leanest, meanest container you'll come across for putting trainsets in containers.

Using this Container

docker run -d -p 3979:3979/tcp -p 3979:3979/udp redditopenttd/openttd:latest

The container is set by default to start a fresh game every time you restart the container. You can, however, change this behaviour with the savegame envvar:

-e savegame={false|autosave|exit|(savename)}


  • false: standard behaviour, just start a new game
  • autosave: load the last chronological autosave
  • exit: try to load exit.sav
  • (savename): full name of a save file in config/saves

You'll probably want stuff to be persistant between container rebuilds, so we've got the /config volume for exactly that purpose.

-v /home/{username}/.openttd:/config:rw

Heads up: If we can't find an openttd.cfg in /config, we'll ask OpenTTD to start a new configuration directory there. We strongly recommend that if you're starting fresh, you stop the container and configure openttd.cfg as per the wiki.


We'll automatically build a new tag every time a new beta or release candidate is released. If you'd like nightlies as well, please contact us, and I'll work it into our build scripts.

  • stable tracks the latest stable release of OpenTTD.
  • rc tracks the latest release candidate of OpenTTD, falling back to the latest stable if it's newer.
  • beta tracks the latest beta release of OpenTTD, falling back to, you guessed it, the latest release candidate or stable if a newer one is available.
  • latest currently tracks stable, but this may change in future to track nightly releases.

Alpine, OpenTTD, and You

This repo contains a dockerfile for building against Alpine Linux. However, if you try to run a server with openttd compiled on alpine, you’ll get a segmentation fault in saveload as soon as a client tries to connect. From what I’m aware, this is due to a quirk in musl-libc, so at present we’re stuck with using Debian (attempts have been made to shoehorn glibc into alpine with no success). If you succeed at getting OpenTTD to run and serve players with an alpine-derived image, please let us know!

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