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ReBloom - Bloom Filter Module for Redis
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ReBloom - Bloom Filter Module for Redis

Rebloom bring in bloom filter as a Redis data type. Bloom filters are probabilistic data structures that do a very good job at quickly determining if something is contained within a set. Bloom filters have a very small footprint and can provide fast ingest rates and query times for membership or existence searches.

Quick Start Guide

1. Running with Docker

docker run -d -p 6379:6379 --name redis-rebloom redislabs/rebloom:latest

2. Connecting:

docker exec -it redis-rebloom bash

# redis-cli

3. Start a new bloom filter by adding a new item

#> BF.ADD newFilter foo
(integer) 1

4. Checking if an item exists in the filter

#> BF.EXISTS newFilter foo
(integer) 1


ReBloom with Redis Enterprise

Redis Enterprise Software is enterprise grade, highly available, scalable, distributed version of Redis that is fully compatible with open source Redis. You can use ReBloom with Redis Enterprise to get the advantages above with your ReBloom deployments.

Open source Redis applications using ReBloom transparently work against Redis Enterprise Software. Simply change your connections to point at Redis Enterprise Software database endpoint.

To get started visit the "Getting started with ReBloom with Redis Enterprise" page.

ReBloom Documentation

Refer to ReBloom documentation for detailed information on bloom filters and for getting started with ReBloom.

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