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redis3 rc1 beta build from source as docker container
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Dockefile to build (from source) latest release candidate of redis version three.

Build from source redis3 v3 release candidate dockerfile.

Includes redis-trib.rb plus required ruby gems - allows you to play with new redis clustering functionality in a docker containers.

Plays nice with fig.

Build / Pull Image Instructions

  • git clone
  • cd docker-redis3-rc
  • docker build -t="rednut/redis3" .

or to pull/fetch a pre-built image:

  • docker pull rednut/docker-redis3-rc:latest

running the redis3 container

docker run -i -t --rm rednut/docker-redis3-rc:latest

the usual redis port 6379 has been "exposed" to allow linking containers

get a shell

docker run -i -t --rm rednut/docker-redis3-rc:latest bash

then run various redis commands

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