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Unifi Video NVR Controller for ubiquity networked camera's
Full Description

Docker container for UniFi video NVR controller

Dockerisation of UniFi video controller.

Building docker image

The Dockerfile will provision the image with ubuntu:latest and all the required dependencies to run the UniFi video NVR controller.

The UniFi NVR controller repo will provide the .debs. The package requires mongodb, so if we don't include 10gen's official repo it will use stock Debian mongo instead (current state).

The supervisor.conf is provided to configure supervisord which is used to launch the UniFi controller daemon.

git clone
cd docker-unifi-video-controller
docker build -t=rednut/unifi-video .


docker pull rednut/unifi-video

Launching the UniFi video controller daemon

The following is a rough overview of how to lunch / run the video controller container, you will need to amend host volume path and ports first.

To launch a container using the image created earlier:

docker run -d --privileged \
    -p 1935:1935 -p 7443:7443 -p 7080:7080 -p 6666:6666 -p 554:554 -p 7447:7447 -p 8880:80 -p 4443:443 \
            -v /srv/data/apps/docker/unifi-video/data:/var/lib/unifi-video \
            -v /srv/data/apps/docker/unifi-video/logs:/var/log/unifi-video \
             --name=unifi-video rednut/unifi-video:latest

Remember to adjust the ports and volume paths to suite your environment.

Sample (should go into /data/data/

# unifi-video v3.0.8
#Mon Nov 17 21:43:06 GMT 2014
# app.http.port = 7080
# app.https.port = 7443
# ems.liveflv.port = 6666
# ems.rtmp.port = 1935
# ems.rtsp.port = 7447    

Hint: copy this in once your have initial install+db working, then customise!

Docker Pull Command