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Base docker image for development and some CI runs here and there...
Full Description

Docker Ruby image for local development and CI purposes

Building the container

  1. clone repository
git clone
  1. jump into it
cd ruby_base_image
  1. run docker build:
docker build -t redrick/ruby_base_image .

Enter built container

You have to build it first :)

  1. run container
docker run -it -d redrick/ruby_base_image
  1. check out container ID
docker ps

CONTAINER ID        IMAGE                     COMMAND                  CREATED             STATUS              PORTS                     NAMES
7b8d99fc97d6        redrick/ruby_base_image   "bash"                   9 hours ago         Up 3 minutes                                  happy_dijkstra
  1. run e.x. bash inside container (using container ID from above)
docker exec -it 7b8d99fc97d6 bash
  1. run to kill the running container (also using container ID from above)
docker kill 7b8d99fc97d6
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