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Red Sqirl on top of a MapR Cluster
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Red Sqirl MapR Container

The Red Sqirl MapR Container docker image is a Red Sqirl web application installed on top of a single node MapR cluster.

What is this image

In this image, we install Red Sqirl on top of the official MapR docker sandbox.

NB: The start up is longer than the cloudera image, so if you want the fastest path to Red Sqirl check this project.

To Run

docker run -it --rm -p 8443:8443 redsqirl/mapr


  • Red Sqirl 8842
  • MapR Control System 8443

Set Up

  1. Install docker
  2. Configure your docker daemon settings required to run MapR sandbox. For example in my case, I had to edit the file /etc/default/docker, so that it looks like:

    DOCKER_OPTS="--storage-opt dm.basesize=30G --storage-opt dm.loopdatasize=256G --selinux-enabled"

  3. Restart docker, in my case sudo service docker restart and check if the changes have been taken into account ps aux | grep docker

  4. Get the image: docker pull redsqirl/mapr
  5. Create the image: docker run -it --rm -p 8443:8443 redsqirl/mapr, you can dismiss the udev error message. The server will take a while to start up, once it does it will display the MCS URL: https://<IP container>:8443
  6. Register your cluster on the mapr website
    i. Login to the MapR Control System: https://localhost:8443/, as mapr (password:mapr), you will have to dismiss the warnings about the unsafe host.
    ii.Click on Register Now on top and follow the instructions
    iii. Once it is finished, when you come back the MCS, you should see a green message "License Applied".
  7. SSH the docker container while forwarding the Red Sqirl port: ssh -L 8842:localhost:8842 mapr@<IP container> (password: mapr)
  8. Install Oozie (Red Sqirl Requirement): ./bin/ (sudo is used in this script, therefore the password will be required again)
  9. Start and initialise Red Sqirl: ./bin/
  10. Open your browser and go to the url: http://localhost:8842/redsqirl
  11. Register an online Red Sqirl Account if necessary
  12. Do not install the default packages, Spark and Hive are not installed
  13. Install the Pig package
  14. Sign Out
  15. Login with the OS user mapr (password: mapr)


If you don't have enough resources available when you submit a job to run, Oozie may stall.

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