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a lightweight log store with time-based rotation


The main purpose of this project is to connect nginx and goaccess when both services are running as docker containers. It provides a nginx-compatible syslog endpoint to collect access log messages from nginx containers, handles log rotation and has some tweaks to work with goaccess.


A minimal configuration would look like this:

rotate_every_seconds: 120
flush_every_seconds: 2
    path: ./test_storage
    size: 5

    - type: UdpEndpoint
      port: 1024

The logrotor docker container expects a config file under /srv/config.yml. To run with docker:

docker run \
    --volume $(pwd)/config.yml:/srv/config.yml \
    --publish 1024:1024/udp --name test_logrotor reifenbt/logrotor

Run without docker (Python 3.6 required):

pip install git+
logrotor --config config.yml

Send a message:

echo -n "Hello World!" | nc -u -c localhost 1024

Read the logs (when running with docker):

docker exec test_logrotor cat ./test_storage/current
docker exec test_logrotor /bin/sh -c 'cat ./test_storage/data/*'

Read the logs (when running without docker):

cat ./test_storage/current
cat ./test_storage/data/*

Running with nginx & goaccess docker containers

A simple example is contained in the repository.

git clone
cd logrotor
cd examples/nginx_via_syslog
docker-compose up

The nginx webserver is reachable under http://localhost:8080/. The goaccess reports are served under http://localhost:8080/report/.

Advanced Configuration

Currently, UDP and syslog (UDP, according to RFC 3164) endpoints are supported. See the following example for all currently available configuration options:

rotate_every_seconds: 30         # required
flush_every_seconds: 2           # required

    path: ./test_storage         # required
    size: 5                      # required
    rotate_delay_seconds: 0      # delay between deleting and re-creating a file during rotation
                                 # (used with goaccess)


    - type: UdpEndpoint          # required
      port: 1024                 # required
      format: '{host} {message}' # available variables: host, port, message
      splitlines: False          # split multiline messages and apply format to each line

    - type: SyslogUdpEndpoint    # required
      port: 514
      format: '{timestamp:%b %e %H:%M:%S} {hostname} {message}'
                                 # available variables: src_host, src_port, timestamp, level, facility,
                                 #                      hostname, tag, pid, message
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