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Docker container for Decred Wallet Daemon
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Decred Wallet Dockerfile

This repository maintains the Decred wallet Dockerfile for Docker.

The repo automatically builds and publishes the docker image to the Docker Hub Registry.

Base Docker Image


  1. Install Docker.

  2. Run Decred Daemon local or on another machine. Follow Decred dcrd setup guide to configure RPC credentials.

  3. Download automated build from public Docker Hub Registry:

    docker pull reiuiji/dcrwallet

    (alternatively, you can build an image from Dockerfile)


To build this docker container run the following commands after you edited the dcrwallet.conf file

docker build -t="reiuiji/dcrwallet"


This docker image can either be configured before build or attach the config.

If you want to change the provided dcrwallet.conf, you should do the following:

docker cp /path/to/your/dcrwallet.conf:/data/dcrwallet.conf

Run your dcrwallet container

docker run -d --name="dcrwallet" reiuiji/dcrwallet

If you need to expose RPC ports 9110 for dcrctl

docker run -d -p 9110:9110 -name dcrwallet reiuiji/dcrwallet

NOTE: Exposing your docker ports can be vary bad, make sure your RPC credentials are strong(32+).

If you only want to tweak the dcrwallet.conf, you can run a temp link:

docker run -d -p 9110:9110 -name dcrwallet -v /path/to/your/dcrwallet.conf:data/dcrwallet.conf reiuiji/dcrwallet

If you want to run with the built in volume of the entire dcrwallet daemon:

docker run -d --name="dcrwallet" -v /path/to/your/.dcrwallet/data:/data reiuiji/dcrwallet

NOTE: Make sure the directory on your system have the dcrwallet.conf file

Checking if it works

To check if dcrwallet is working you can check the docker logs

docker logs dcrwallet

Shutting down the docker container

If you need to close down the docker container you can run the following:

docker kill --signal=SIGINT dcrwallet

NOTE: sending a SIGINT (crtl+c) will have dcrwallet shutdown safely



This code is under the MIT License.


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