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FROM ingenieux/alpine-java8-supervisord:jdk-8u60-b27 # elasticsearch RUN apk add --update wget RUN mkdir /data /logs /elasticsearch RUN wget --progress=dot:mega -O - | tar -zx -C /elasticsearch --strip-components=1 RUN echo "script.disable_dynamic: false" >> /elasticsearch/config/elasticsearch.yml RUN /elasticsearch/bin/plugin -install mobz/elasticsearch-head RUN /elasticsearch/bin/plugin -install lukas-vlcek/bigdesk/2.5.0 RUN /elasticsearch/bin/plugin -install elasticsearch/elasticsearch-mapper-attachments/2.7.1 #TODO check back the site when it's back available, for now build locally and use our public readonly s3 bucket #RUN /elasticsearch/bin/plugin -install analysis-naturalsort -url RUN /elasticsearch/bin/plugin -install analysis-naturalsort -url RUN /elasticsearch/bin/plugin -install lmenezes/elasticsearch-kopf RUN /elasticsearch/bin/plugin -install polyfractal/elasticsearch-inquisitor RUN /elasticsearch/bin/plugin -install karmi/elasticsearch-paramedic RUN /elasticsearch/bin/plugin -install royrusso/elasticsearch-HQ VOLUME [ "/logs", "/data" ] EXPOSE 9200 9300 ENV EXPOSED_HOST= CMD ["/elasticsearch/bin/elasticsearch", "-f", "-D", "es.path.logs=/logs", "-D", "", "-D", "${EXPOSED_HOST}", "-D", "" ]
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