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MySQL server for Sonarqube server
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Pull this repo and run it before running the sonarqube container.

To run:
dockerun -i -d --name sonardb -v /var/lib/sonarmysql:/var/lib/mysql -p 3306:3306 -e MYSQL_ROOT_PASSWORD=root@123 relevancelab/sonarmysql:latest

The db would be saved to the host folder /var/lib/sonarmysql.
The initialization script can be executed using
docker exec -it sonardb bash
Run the above command the first time the container is launched. It creates the initial db required for sonar to run.
Remember to start the container with the name "sonardb", the configuration on the sonar container expects this name for the database.

To connect from a mysql client use TCP socket.
mysql -uroot -p --protocol=TCP

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