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Sonarqube version 5.7 server
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This repo has a per-requisite of having the sonarmysql container running with the name "sonardb".

Start the container using the below command
docker run -i -d --name sonar --link sonardb -v /opt/sonar/plugins:/opt/sonarqube/extensions/plugins -p 9000:9000 relevancelab/sonarqube:latest

Sonar takes a while to start the web server. You can monitor the progress by attaching to the container and tailing the log/sonar.log file
To Attach use
docker exec -it sonar bash

The plugin folder is mounted on the host at /opt/sonar/plugins . Copy new .jar (Sonar plugin) into this folder before starting the container.

Docker file is uploaded to the private repo

Docker Pull Command