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Generates pre-initialized mariadb images
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Pre-initializes datadirs for mariadb containers

Setting up a new job

  • If you want to use an init sql-script, place it under jobs/<jobname>/datadir-preinit-sanitize.sql (the filename can be whatever you want)
  • Add a new cron-job configuration to etc/cron.d - first 4 digits should be the time the job should run. Sample configuration:
    30 2 * * * root (. /etc/ && cd /opt/datadir-preinit && BASE_IMAGE=mariadb:10 ./ reload/spejderneslejr:db-data-test reload/spejderneslejr:db-datadir-test ../jobs/spejderneslejr/datadir-preinit-sanitize.sql) 2>&1 | /usr/bin/logger -t datadir-preinit:spejderneslejr

Steps of execution

  1. source /etc/
  2. Change cwd to /opt/datadir-preinit
  3. Set the BASE_IMAGE environment to a maria-db image if you want to build a full database-image instead of just an image with the datadir
  4. Execute <source-db-dump-image> <target-datadir-image> [full-path-to-initscript]
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