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Harvest from harvest.
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Welcome to Harvester, a service which fetch data from HarvestApp and have a simple API to get data out. This is so much
faster than the actual HarvestApp API since everything is stored locally.

1) Installing

When it comes to installing Harvester you will need to clone the repository from GitHub.

git clone

And install Harvester with composer.

If you don't have Composer yet, download it following the instructions on or just run the following command:

curl -s | php

Then, install the application:

cd harvester/

php composer.phar install

Composer will install Harvester and all its dependencies. And you will need to configure database and the system.

Install the database

app/console doctrine:database:create

Import the database schema

app/console doctrine:schema:create

Setup your apache/nginx virtualhost, and a few urls is now available

2) Configuration

For the HarvestApp API fetcher to work you need to configure the API info in app/config/

vim app/config/parameters.yml

3) Usage

There is a commmand line command available for fetching data from the HarvestApp API.
This could be executed from crontab

To see the command

app/console help harvester:fetch

To run the command without parameters, will fetch everything from Harvest (could tak several minutes)

app/console harvester:fetch

To fetch updated data from this month

app/console harvester:fetch `date "+%Y%m01"`

To fetch that has been updated since yesterday

app/console harvester:fetch --updated-yesterday

To delete entries and repopulate within a given timespan

app/console harvester:refresh `date "+%Y%m01"`

To delete entries and repopulate within a static amount of days

app/console harvester:refresh --days=30
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