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Dockerized - InstaBot

InstaBot v 1.1.0

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docker run -it -e LOGIN=INSTA_LOGIN -e PASSWORD=INSTA_PASSWORD -e 'TAG_LIST=follow4follow f4f' remlabm/

Parameter Type Description Default value
LOGIN str your instagram username
PASSWORD str your instagram password
LIKE_PER_DAY int how many likes the bot does in 1 day 1000
MEDIA_MAX_LIKE int don't like if media has more than ... likes 0
MEDIA_MIN_LIKE int don't like if media has less than ... likes 0
FOLLOW_PER_DAY int how many users to follow in 1 day 0
FOLLOW_TIME int how many times passes before the bot unfollows a followed user (sec) 5 60 60
UNFOLLOW_PER_DAY int how many user unfollows the bot does in day 0
COMMENTS_PER_DAY int how many comments the bot writes in a day 0
COMMENT_LIST str list of list of words, each of which will be used to generate comment
TAG_LIST str list of tag the bot uses 'f4f f2f' 'moto girlp
TAG_BLACKLIST str list of tags the bot refuses to like []
USER_BLACKLIST str don't like posts from certain users {}
MAX_LIKE_FOR_ONE_TAG int bot get 21 media from one tag, how many use by row 5
UNFOLLOW_BREAK_MIN int Minimum seconds for unfollow break pause 15
UNFOLLOW_BREAK_MAX int Maximum seconds for unfollow break pause 30
LOG_MOD int logging mod 0
PROXY str Access instagram through a proxy server


The End-User assumes sole responsibility for anything resulting from the use or modification this program.
Don't worry the bot will not:

  • Like - comment or follow your own account or media
  • Comment a media already commented


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