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Thug Low-Interaction Honeyclient
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Thug Low-Interaction Honeyclient

This Dockerfile represents a Docker image that encapsulates Thug, a low-interaction honeyclient, which was created by Angelo Dell'Aera (angelodellaera).

The file below is based on ideas from Spenser Reinhardt's Dockerfile, on instructions outlined by M. Fields and on the installation script created by Payload Security.

To run this image after installing Docker, use a command like this:

sudo docker run --rm -it remnux/thug bash

then run ./ with the desired parameters.

To share the "logs" directory between your host and the container, create a "logs" directory on your host and make it world-accessible (e.g., "chmod a+xwr ~/logs"). Then run the tool like this:

sudo docker run --rm -it -v ~/logs:/home/thug/logs remnux/thug bash

If you'd like to share an additional directory (e.g., "files"), supply the mapping using another -v parameter such as "-v ~/files:/home/thug/files", but remember to make the directory on your host world-accessible.

To support distributed operations and MongoDB output, install the folloging packages into the image using "apt-get": mongodb, mongodb-dev, python-pymongo, rabbitmq-server, python-pika. Also, remove the "sed" command that disables
logging in the thug\src\Logging\logging.conf file.

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