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stud with TLS 1.2 enabled
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I use this image to add TLS to my meteor apps, therefore the backend port is 3000.

  • Stud setup
    stud frontend port is 443
    stud backend host is app:3000 (default port for meteor apps)
    The cert is path /opt/certs/ssl.pem
    The configuration is /opt/stud/stud.conf

  • Usage:
    First, start the app, for example docker run -d app

Eventually generate a self signed certificate:

mkdir certs
cd certs
openssl req -x509 -new -newkey rsa:2048 -nodes -keyout key.pem -out cert.pem
cat key.pem cert.pem > ssl.pem
cd ..


cd certs
docker run --name stud -p 3443:443 --link app:app -v $(pwd):/opt/certs -d remynoulin/stud

To change the backend port from 3000 or the hostname for the app, modify the stud configuration:

mkdir stud
docker run -t --rm remynoulin/stud cat /opt/stud/stud.conf > stud/stud.conf

edit stud/stud.conf

docker run --name stud -p 3443:443 --link chat:app -v $(pwd):/opt/certs -v $(pwd)/stud:/opt/stud -d remynoulin/stud

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