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Run in a Docker container FxA for development
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Based on the (currently suspended) work started in

Firefox Accounts Docker container

You can either build locally the VM, which would compile NodeJS, or pull a prebuilt image.

Building is basically running what's in salt/top.sls at 'baseimage', and would also compile from source the exact version of our packages.

If no image exist, or want to run anew;

git clone -b renoirb/docker-build-system
cd fxa

If an image exist, you can pull it;

docker pull renoirb/nodejs:fxa

Once you have the image available, setup the local workspace

make deps
make run

# Inside the container


Not working yet, things are missing

  • Get dependencies in a consistent way
  • Update code from upstream
  • Make it work. It doesn’t yet. :(
Docker Pull Command