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A dockerized version of the Code_Aster simulation package with CAEML support.
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Code_Aster is an enterprise grade simulation package for structural and thermal analysis that is primarily developed by EDF. Code_Aster can be used as solver backend, but can also be accessed from the Salome platform.


The Computer Aided Engineering Middleware Library (CAEML) is an open source toolkit for building and running simulation workflows that is developed by Renumics.

Version info

The latest version of this docker contains Salome Meca 2016 (Code_Aster 12.6), please refer to the Dockerfile for details.

Getting started

Stand-alone use

In order to run this GUI-enabled container, please install docker, add yourself to the docker group and make sure that your host system supports X-enabled applications. Then run the following command:

$ docker run -i -t -e LOCAL_USER_ID=`id -u` -v  /tmp/.X11-unix:/tmp/.X11-unix:rw   -e DISPLAY=unix$DISPLAY  renumics/code-aster:latest /bin/bash

Inside the container, Salome Meca can be opened using

$ ./opt/salome/appli_V2016/runAppli 

Other tools that are included in the package can be run accordingly, e.g. type

$ ./opt/salome/appli_V2016/runSession paraview

in order to start a Paraview session with MED-file support.

Use with CAEML

In order to use this docker within CAEML please refer to the CAEML examples. The test cases of the CAEML Code_Aster package might be especially useful.

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