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The initial and clean Centos7 with ssh.
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This image is based on the clean centos7 image of docker and installed the sshd service. Below is the demo steps for how to download and use this image.

docker pull renzhe1981/centos7 ||
docker run -d -P --name=mycentos renzhe1981/centos7 ||
docker ps # try to find the port(32976), you need run docker ps command to find your port ||
ssh <container IP> -P 32976

There are two users root:RooT and admin:AdmiN.

If you want to change password, please use below commands:
[root@4c6c53c7d77g /]# /bin/echo 'root:<New Password>' |chpasswd
[root@4c6c53c7d77g /]# /bin/echo 'admin:<New Password>' |chpasswd

Have fun!

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