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Docker Image for Graylog pre configured to monitor Restcomm
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# Graylog docker image for monitoring Restcomm.

Graylog in principle is an Open Source Log Management system.


Graylog's great suit apart of the main functionality has received great extension abilities from the community.

For Restcomm Raas production servers, we will use an extension plug-in for monitoring functional activity on the servers through HTTP/HTTPS requests.


The plug-in we are using for that is “HTTP Monitor Input Plugin”

More on Graylog Marketplace :


Docker image - Graylog (1.3.3) full stack installation - maintained by Graylog, Inc.

This repository, creates a Graylog Docker container, personalised for Monitoring RestComm Cloud instance.


The image has been tested with Docker 1.7 && 1.9.

Supported Tags

  • latest: Using this tag you will get the latest RestComm-Graylog build. restcomm/restcomm/graylog-restcomm

*To pull the image please use: docker pull restcomm/graylog-restcomm:latest

Environment variables

RestComm-Graylog-Docker container provides the following flags that can be set to the RUN command.

  • SECURESSL Use Authorised certificate JKS file, If not set a self-signed certificate will be generated.
    • CERTCONFURL URL to download jks file, for HTTSP - obligatory if SECURESSL set.
    • TRUSTSTORE_PASSWORDL Password for the authorized jks file - obligatory if SECURESSL set.
    • TRUSTSTORE_ALIAS Alias for the authorized jks file - obligatory if SECURESSL set.

Persist data using host filesystem

You can persist the logs, database, so even if you stop and remove your container, your data won't be lost.

Need to add the following to the RUN command:
-v /graylog2/data:/var/opt/graylog/data -v /graylog2/logs:/var/log/graylog

  • Graylog data -v $YOUR_FOLDER/data:/var/opt/graylog/data
  • Graylog logs -v $YOUR_FOLDER/logs:/var/log/graylog

*It is necessary to manually create at the host the root directory ($YOUR_FOLDER), not the subdirectories (data,logs)
they will be created automatically.

RUN command for RestComm-Graylog

Usually the command that needs to be run is:

docker run --rm -t --ulimit nofile=1024:64000 -p 443:443 -p 80:9000 -p 12201:12201 -p 9200:9200 -p 12900:12900 -p 12201:12201/udp -p 5555:5555 -p 6666:6666 -p 7777:7777 -e GRAYLOG_NODE_ID=AddGraylogId -e GRAYLOG_ENFORCE_SSL="TRUE" -e SECURESSL="TRUE" -e GRAYLOG_SERVER_SECRET=AddGraylogSecret -e GRAYLOG_USERNAME=USER_NAME -e GRAYLOG_TIMEZONE=Europe/Berlin -e GRAYLOG_RETENTION="--size=3 --indices=10" -e ES_MEMORY=4g -e GRAYLOG_PASSWORD=PassWord -e GRAYLOG_SMTP_SERVER="smtp-email-server --no-tls --no-ssl --port=587 --user=UserForEmailProvider --password=PassWordForEmail" -v /graylog/data:/var/opt/graylog/data -v /graylog/logs:/var/log/graylog --name=restcomm-graylog restcomm/restcomm-graylog:latest

Docker Pull Command