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Dockerized external RMS
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Restcomm MediaServer docker container

Restcomm mediaserver repo -

###Supported env variables

  1. To modify properties in server-beans.xml you can use the following template PROPERTY_xmlpropname. Example: PROPERTY_lowestPort, PROPERTY_highestPort

  2. if you run docker container with --net=host you should setup USE_HOST_NETWORK=true. in this case mediserver will be bound to eth0 ip address

  3. LOG_LEVEL - you can specify log4j log level

Run command example

docker run --net host -d \
  --name restcomm-mediaserver \
  -e PROPERTY_lowestPort=64000 \
  -e PROPERTY_highestPort=65500 \
  -e USE_HOST_NETWORK=true \
  -it restcomm-mediaserver 

Log4j configuration

To override log4j config you can mount own log4j.xml file.

-v $PWD/conf/log4j.xml:/opt/restcomm-media-server/conf/log4j.xml
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