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A base image to provide X11 applications accessible via Xpra
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A docker image proving a basis for X applications accessible via ssh with or
without Xpra and optionally within Xephyr/i3

The docker image comes witha small set o X-Application like xclock, xterm,
xeyes it is meant to be extended to provide the required applications.

Usage example

Run with

docker run -p 2020:22 -d --name x11-xpra reto/x11-xpra 

Copy your ssh public key

docker exec -i x11-xpra /bin/bash -c 'cat > /home/user/.ssh/authorized_keys' < ~/.ssh/

Start xclock

ssh -p 2020 user@localhost xclock

The DISPLAY variable set to :100 which the virtual display provided by Xpra. You
will not see the application until a client connects to the Xpra server.

To connect a client from the local machine

xpra --ssh="ssh -p 2020" attach ssh:user@localhost:100

As any time you can start more applications

ssh -p 2020 user@localhost xeyes

If rather than having "rootless" remote applications you would like to have a whole
remote desktop you can start start Xephyr as display :200

ssh -p 2020 user@localhost "Xephyr -ac -br -noreset -screen 800x600 :200" &

Start i3 as display manager

ssh -p 2020 user@localhost DISPLAY=:200 i3 & 

And start xclock on Xephyr

ssh -p 2020 user@localhost DISPLAY=:200 xclock &

You may need to adapt the keyboard layout

ssh -p 2020 user@localhost DISPLAY=:200 setxkbmap -layout ch

Simial projects

  • A more comprehensive framework to run desktop applications in Docker is subuser
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