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Docker image for the community edition of JasperReports® Server.
Full Description

JasperReports Server CE Edition Docker Container

The Docker Image aims to quickly get up-and-running a JasperReports Server for a development environment.

Start the Container

Using Command Line

To start the JasperServer container you'll need to pass in 5 environment variables and link it to either a MySQL or Postgres container.

E.g. docker run -d --name jasperserver -e DB_TYPE=mysql -e DB_HOST=db -e DB_PORT=3306 -e DB_USER=root -e DB_PASSWORD=mysql --link jasperserver_mysql:db -p 8080:8080 retriever/jasperserver

If you haven't got an existing MySQL or Postgres container then you can easily create one:
docker run -d --name jasperserver_mysql -e MYSQL_ROOT_PASSWORD=mysql mysql

Using Docker-compose

To start up the JasperServer and a MySQL container:

  • Run docker-compose up to run in foreground or
  • Run docker-compose up -d to run as in daemon mode.

To stop the containers run docker-compose stop and docker-compose start to restart them.

Note: To install Docker-compose see the releases page.

Login to JasperReports Web

  1. Go to URL http://${dockerHost}:8080/
  2. Login using credentials: jasperadmin/jasperadmin

Image Features

This image includes:

How to build this image

Use docker build -t retriever/jasperserver .

See comments in Dockerfile to speed up testing by not having to download the jasperserver release each time.

How to release a new image version

This repo is setup to trigger an automated build of the image retriever/jaserpserver on Docker Hub.

To make a new official version of the image, just push a git Tag using the naming convention major.minor.iteration where:

  • major and minor line up with the included version of jasperserver
  • iteration is incremented each time a change is done that isn't an upgrade of the included jasperserver version
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