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GRACC Agent to store Summary records into Elasticsearch
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Logstash-based service to listen for GRACC summary records on a RabbitMQ exchange and
index them into Elasticsearch.


All deployment-specific configuration is done with environment variables. Defaults
are included in the logstash config. Settings can be provided by passing
--env-file <filename> or -e <var>=<value> to docker run.

Variable Default Description
AMQP_HOST localhost RabbitMQ hostname
AMQP_VHOST / RabbitMQ virtual host
AMQP_USER guest RabbitMQ user name
AMQP_PASSWORD guest RabbitMQ user password
ELASTICSEARCH_HOST localhost Elasticsearch hostname
GRACC_INSTANCE GRACC deployment instance name. This is used in the RabbitMQ queue name and as the routing key.
GRACC_STREAM GRACC stream name. The RabbitMQ exchange is expected to be gracc.${GRACC_STREAM}.summary, and the Elasticsearch index is named similarly.
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