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Docker container for RT using Postgresql as the database.
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RT, or Request Tracker, is a issue tracking system. Currently build RT lastest (4.4.x) and RT 4.2.12.


In this first build this container makes some assuptions that might not be for everyone. The database used is Postgresql. You have to use SSL and add the following files at startup:

  • server-chain.pem
  • server.pem


To run docker-rt (change to your full path to files specified above):

    docker run -ti -p 443:443 -e -e -v /<full path>/docker-rt/files:/data --name rt -d reuteras/docker-rt
  • -e RT_HOSTNAME=<RT server hostname>
  • -e RT_RELAYHOST=<Postfix relay host>

Upgrade from 4.2.12 to 4.4.x

The steps I took:

# Backup database first
docker stop rt
run -ti -p 443:443 -e RT_HOSTNAME=<hostname> -e RT_RELAYHOST=<host> -v /docker:/data:ro --name rt44 -d reuteras/docker-rt
docker exec -ti rt44 /bin/bash
rt# cd /opt/rt4
rt# ./rt-setup-database --action upgrade
rt# exit
# Clean up and restart with correct name
docker stop rt44
docker rm rt
docker rm rt44
run -ti -p 443:443 -e RT_HOSTNAME=<hostname> -e RT_RELAYHOST=<host> -v /docker:/data:ro --name rt -d reuteras/docker-rt


Lots of things.

  • Update README with information on how to init and update the database
  • Solution for adding plugins
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