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Docker container for tt-rss
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I'm moving more of the services I use to Docker. This my Docker container for tt-rss. This container only supports Postgresql.


First start a Postgresql instance (or use a regular instance):

sudo docker run -d --name ttrssdb postgres

Then start docker-ttrss with Postgresql in a container:

sudo docker run -d -p 80:80 --name ttrss --link ttrssdb:db reuteras/docker-ttrss

If you have an existing database server:

sudo docker run -d --name ttrss -p 8000:8000 -e TTRSS_DB_HOST=<hostname> -e TTRSS_DB_USER=<username> -e TTRSS_DB_NAME=<database name> -e TTRSS_DB_PASS="<database password>" -e TTRSS_FEED_CRYPT_KEY="<feed crypt key" reuteras/docker-ttrss

As seen in the two examples above the web server listens on both port 80 and 8000. Select the one that works best with your proxy settings.

You can specify the following parameters:

  • -e TTRSS_DB_HOST=<database host> (defaults to $DB_PORT_5432_TCP_ADDR)
  • -e TTRSS_DB_NAME="<database name>" (defaults to "ttrss")
  • -e TTRSS_DB_PORT="<database port>" ( defaults to "5432")
  • -e TTRSS_DB_USER="<database username>" (defaults to "$DB_ENV_POSTGRES_USER")
  • -e TTRSS_DB_PASS="<database password>" (defaults to "$DB_ENV_POSTGRES_PASSWORD")
  • -e TTRSS_FEED_CRYPT_KEY="<FEED_CRYPT_KEY>" (defaults to "")
  • -e TTRSS_HOST_URL="<HOST URL>" (defaults to "http://localhost/")
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