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Dockerfile to build PostgreSQL 9.2 and Django projects on CentOS 7.
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CentOS7, PostgreSQL 9.2 and Django Dockerfile

This repository contains a Dockerfile used to build Django dependencies and PostgreSQL 9.2 on CentOS7.

Although image name contains Django, Django itself is not installed. However, most dependencies required do run Django projects are installed.

Examples below are given for version 1.0 When building new images bump version numbers.

Source Files

Dockerfile and other files used for building this image can be found in Studio Revolucija's Bitbucket repo:

Running the Docker image

You can create a postgresql superuser at launch by specifying POSTGRESQL_USER and POSTGRESQL_PASSWORD variables. You may also create a database by using POSTGRESQL_DATABASE.

docker run -t -i --entrypoint=bash \
-e 'POSTGRESQL_USER=pipelines_demo' \
-e 'POSTGRESQL_PASSWORD=pipelines_demo' \
-e 'POSTGRESQL_DATABASE=pipelines_demo' \
--name=django \

After you run container with above run command, you get tty, however postgres is not started because we have overriden entry point. Run ./ to start postgres. Now you can test if database and database user are created and whether you have all needed dependencies installed.

Create your own image

If you want to customize this image, you can edit Dockerfile and build the image with:

docker build --rm -t <your-docker-account>/centos7-postgresql9.2-django:1.0 .

NOTE: if revolucija/centos7-postgresql9.2 has changed, you have to rebuild it before building this image.

Push the image back to the Docker Hub

docker push <your-docker-account>/centos7-postgresql9.2:1.0
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