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Docker volume plug-in for Digital Ocean by REX-Ray, a container storage orchestration engine
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Digital Ocean Volume Plug-in

For the most recent documentation on this plug-in, please see the official documentation.

DigitalOcean Block Storage

The DOBS plug-in can be installed with the following command:

$ docker plugin install rexray/dobs \


The DOBS plug-in requires that your DigitalOcean droplet is running in a region that
supports block storage.


The DOBS plug-in requires the following privileges:

Type Value
network host
mount /dev
allow-all-devices true
capabilities CAP_SYS_ADMIN


The following environment variables can be used to configure the DOBS

Environment Variable Description Default Required
DOBS_REGION The region where volumes should be created
DOBS_STATUSINITIALDELAY Time duration used to wait when polling volume status 100ms
DOBS_STATUSMAXATTEMPTS Number of times the status of a volume will be queried before giving up 10
DOBS_STATUSTIMEOUT Maximum length of time that polling for volume status can occur 2m
DOBS_TOKEN Your DigitalOcean access token
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