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Docker volume plugin for AWS EBS by REX-Ray, a container storage orchestration engine
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EBS Docker Volume Plug-in

For the most recent documentation on this plug-in, please see the official documentation.


The EBS plug-in can be installed with the following command:

$ docker plugin install rexray/ebs \


The EBS plug-in requires the following privileges:

Type Value
network host
mount /dev
allow-all-devices true
capabilities CAP_SYS_ADMIN


The following environment variables can be used to configure the EBS

Environment Variable Description Default Required
EBS_ACCESSKEY The AWS access key ✓ unless IAM
EBS_SECRETKEY The AWS secret key ✓ unless IAM
EBS_REGION The AWS region us-east-1
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Comments (4)
12 days ago

If you are using with Amazon's Linux distro then see this issue where a cgroup is used to launch Docker causing this exact issue.

12 days ago

Please open issues at

The "Unable to connect to plugin" is likely caused due to the Docker daemon itself being run from inside of a runc container. This container needs access to the /run/docker/plugins directory to be able to communicate with any plugins that are running. It is likely if you are getting this error and RR is reported as enabled, no plugins will work.

a month ago

The plugins is reported to be enabled and the file /run/docker/plugins/6e58aad7c78162a1def4ef1b564255de00743bbfccfd47450c9c280abef0ff7e/rexray.sock is in place though.

a month ago

This plugin is broken on Ubuntu 16.04 and docker 17.03.1-ce. In log file I found this: Unable to connect to plugin: /run/docker/plugins/6e58aad7c78162a1def4ef1b564255de00743bbfccfd47450c9c280abef0ff7e/rexray.sock/VolumeDriver.Create: Post http://%2Frun%2Fdocker%2Fplugins%2F6e58aad7c78162a1def4ef1b564255de00743bbfccfd47450c9c280abef0ff7e%2Frexray.sock/VolumeDriver.Create: dial unix /run/docker/plugins/6e58aad7c78162a1def4ef1b564255de00743bbfccfd47450c9c280abef0ff7e/rexray.sock: connect: no such file or directory, retrying in 2s"