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Docker volume plug-in for any S3 object storage by REX-Ray, a container storage orchestration engine
Full Description

S3FS Docker Volume Plug-in

For the most recent documentation on this plug-in, please see the official documentation.


The S3FS plug-in can be installed with the following command:

$ docker plugin install rexray/s3fs \


The S3FS plug-in requires the following privileges:

Type Value
network host
mount /dev
allow-all-devices true
capabilities CAP_SYS_ADMIN


The following environment variables can be used to configure the S3FS

Environment Variable Description Default Required
S3FS_ACCESSKEY The AWS access key
S3FS_SECRETKEY The AWS secret key
S3S_REGION The AWS region
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Comments (4)
10 days ago

I have the following issue:

  • Install this Docker Volume Plugin
  • Setup the host with Security Policy with AWS Full Write Access to S3

At this point, I think we should NOT need to provide credentials or anything when running a container in Docker Swarm as a Service.

 docker run -d  -e -v intuit-oicp-ssl-certs:/data/certs stakater/ssl-certs-generator
docker: Error response from daemon: error while mounting volume '/var/lib/docker/plugins/6bf70c8c3fa7932ff7f35d51c831a13f4d1188bfc20f5ec04608844b5e8a5342/rootfs': VolumeDriver.Mount: {"Error":"error executing xcli"}.

Now, what do I do to use this?

3 months ago

The plugins in the hub are not pullable, you must use the docker plugin install command.

3 months ago

Version rexray/s3fs:0.9.1 does not request sufficient privileges in order to function properly. Use 0.9.0 until a newer version is pushed. (Comment updated in order to fix version number).

3 months ago

I am unable to download it:

docker pull rexray/s3fs

Using default tag: latest
Pulling repository
Tag latest not found in repository