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Short Description
Deliver presentations to a browser using Reveal.js and Markdown
Full Description

Deliver your presentations from Docker

Use Markdown for slides

Delivers slides using reveal.js

To use

Create a Dockerfile:

FROM rgardler/revealjs

Slide Content

By default slides come from file

# This is the first slide

### Author
### Contact Details


'## Details' marks the start of your notes

Content after '## Details' will not appear on slide.

Useful for adding explanatory text to the

The end of a slide is indicated by '---' at the start of a line


You can also have "child slides", simply separate this from the "parent
slide" with '--'

You can customize the way reveal.js behaves by replacing index.html
with your own version.

See reveal.js documentation

Build your container:

docker build slides .

Start your container:

docker run --rm -p 8000:8000 slides

Navigate to your deck:


There is much more to reveal.js than this.

reveal.js documentation


Docker Pull Command