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A simple gitolite container that can either stand up a new ephemeral repository, or bind mount and expose an existing one.
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gitolite on docker

This container runs an SSH server, serving gitolite as the git@ user.

On the first start, it will run "gitolite setup" with a starting ssh key
you provided, or you can bootstrap with an existing gitolite-admin repository.

On subsequent starts, will run "gitolite setup" every time to integrate any
outside changes.

This is my variation of the docker container created by
Michael Elsdorfer

The original code from which this is <strike>plaguarized</strike> inspired can
be found here


New installation:

docker run -e SSH_KEY="$(cat ~/.ssh/" rgeyer/gitolite

Use an existing gitolite installation:

docker run -v /var/vcroot/git:/home/git rgeyer/gitolite

Environment variables:


SSH public key for initial access to the gitolite-admin repository. If you
have an existing gitolite-admin repository, you may skip this.

LOCAL_CODE (example value: $ENV{HOME}/local)

These will be inserted into gitolite.rc.


Hostnames (only a single one is supported currently) to add to known_hosts, i.e.

Directories you could bind mount

The home directory of the "git" user complete with the .gitolite, .gitolite.rc,
.ssh and repositories directories and files. If you mount an "empty" diretory
as a volume here, you will be initializing a new repository.


If your gitolite install needs to mirror (that is, execute git push itself), the
image can help you:

  • The git user will have a ssh key generated for itself. Access the public key using
    docker cp CID:/home/git/.ssh/ ..

  • Use the TRUST_HOSTS environment variable to prepare the ./known_hosts file.

Further customization

If you need to use things like custom hooks, you have different options:

  • Point the LOCAL_CODE variable to something like "$ENV{HOME}/.gitolite/local", use the gitolite-admin repo to provide the data.
  • You could bind mount files into the container (xxx: how to provide certain files (gitolite.rc) before setup runs?)
  • Derive a custom Docker image, ADD the files (xxx: how to provide certain files (gitolite.rc) before setup runs?)
  • Manually interact with a container, but lose it disposable nature.
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